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Dynamat Automotive Solutions

The #1 automotive soundproofing & heat control brand in the world.

As the pioneers of in-car soundproofing, Dynamat is recognised by consumers around the world as a quality product for solutions to unwanted noise, vibration and heat.

Dynamat is the choice of consumers and top car builders for turning all manner of modern and classic vehicles into cool, quiet, and comfortable rides. Your sound system will sound better too!

Dynamat’s unique patented vector chemistry formulae is the most efficient vehicle sound deadening product available in the industry, offering up to 5 times more deadening per sqM than other products.


Marine Solutions

Treat yourself to less vibration and noise on the water.

Dynamat can help achieve a comfortable and quiet maritime environment by significantly reducing structure born vibration and conducted noise.

Marine noise can be extremely annoying and lessen the enjoyment of any voyage. Dynamat marine soundproofing products can efficiently reduce noise at source, typically; boat engine room soundproofing, generators, structural vibration, wave slap noise reduction, thruster noise reduction and noise migration into cabin or deck areas.


Dynamat Home Audio
Soundproofing & Insulation

With the popularity of home theatre continuing to increase, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for noise isolation and sonic privacy.

It is important to isolate listening spaces and reduce noise transferring between rooms. Without applying sound insulation, structure borne or airborne sound and interference can create unwanted noise.

Your in-ceiling or in-wall speakers will only perform to their potential if they have a solid enclosure system surrounding them. With proper home soundproofing and sound insulation, resonance, back wave distortion and unwanted noise can be significantly reduced.

Dynamat Sound Deadening Explained

Dynamat Sound Deadening Explained

We explain the sonic and thermal benefits of installing Dynamat and Dynaliner.


The Cymbal Test

It can be hard to show just how effective Dynamat is at stopping panel vibration. However, the old cymbal trick never fails to impress!


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