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Dynamat Xtreme Speaker Kit Sound Deadening

Dynamat when applied to your speaker mounting surface, greatly improves your sound quality. Without Dynamat speaker panel distortion can prevent you from getting the very best sound quality out of your speakers. When the volume of your new speaker increases, panel distortion also increases, vibrating the mounting surface and highly reducing sound quality.

With Dynamat, installing it on your speaker panel will convert noisy vibrations into silent energy. Dynamat makes any speaker sound sound clean, crisp and louder. With Dynamat you can eliminate distortion and get all of the sound you paid for.

The Dynamat Xtreme Speaker Kit contains two 254mm x 254mm (10″ x 10″) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme to be used when mounting your speaker to a metal baffle like a car door or rear deck lid. The DynamatXtreme Speaker Kit is self-adhesive.

No odor, No dripping, No adhesion failure guaranteed. Beware of imitators, if it doesn't say Dynamat, it isn't!

Contents: 2 sheets of 254mm x 254mm x 1.7mm (10" x 10" x 1/16)

*For best results and ease of use, we recommend using the Dynamat roller 10007 or 10005 to apply Dynamat xtreme.