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Dynamat Hoodliner Engine Noise & Heat Reducer

The Hoodliner protects your car's paint finish and get that show car look with a custom thermo-acoustic Dynamat Hoodliner. The Hoodliner's "Sound Soaker" foam absorbs engine noise, delivering a quieter listening environment in your vehicle. In addition, the Hoodliner's 1 mil. reinforced aluminized skin creates a water/oil barrier that reflects up to 97% of radiant heat to protect the hood's paint finish.

NOTE: The Hoodliner provides maximum noise control when applied over Dynamat Xtreme.

Contents: 1 piece of Hoodliner 32"x 54"(813mm x 1372mm) 

Total Coverage: 12 sq. ft. (1.11 m sq.)