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Dynamat Extreme

Dynamat Xtreme makes your car ride and feel more solid when installed. It is the world’s leading product with largest market share for eliminating unwanted noise, vibration, and heat in any vehicle. Dynamat Xtreme is the product that is asked for by name and the choice of consumers and top car builders for turning all manner of modern and classic vehicles into cool, quiet, and comfortable rides. Your sound system will sound better too! By first Installing Dynamat Xtreme products to the panels of your vehicle it turns this dynamic motion into silent energy using our patented VECTOR chemistry.


Having addressed the noise issues we can now use our Dynaliner product to fully insulate your vehicle ensuring you have a temperature controlled environment. Dynaliner is the most efficient thermal insulation product in the automotive industry offering up to 70% reduction of thermal transfer of heat when combined with Dynamat Xtreme.

Dynamat Hoodliner

In addition to using Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner the Hoodliner foam absorbs engine noise, delivering a quieter listening environment in your vehicle. The Hoodlinerprovides maximum noise control when applied over Dynamat Xtreme.

The addition of these products leads to a much newer, more solid feeling. Still want further information such as how much Dynamat Extreme or Dynaliner do I need for my vehicle, visit the frequently asked questions page. See our full range of automotive product below.

*Dynamat products conform to federal international motor code 302 (ISO 3795) which means they are safe to put in a vehicle, have a vast temperature range from – 54 degrees and up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, plus won’t give off an odour or degrade over time.