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Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency energy conversion sound deadener available. Sheet metal resonates creating noise, with Xtreme installed the noise is transformed into silent energy through a process called ‘vibro-acoustic energy conversion’. Dynamat Xtreme is a thin, super sticky butyl rubber bonded to an aluminum alloy skin. It is formulated with our patented Vector™ Chemistry making Dynamat Xtreme the most effective sound control material available. Dynamat Xtreme is very simple to cut and install with simple peel & stick. The butyl rubber and heavy aluminum will stretch and contour better than any other product on the market without tearing. It will conform easily to all surfaces, and the sticky butyl rubber will adhere to a surface and stay in place without any special surface prep, and without leaving any odor or dripping material. Xtreme is so efficient you get remarkable results using upwards of 30% coverage centrally on a panel.
Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pack Sound Deadening
$399.95 $399.95
Dynamat Dynatape
$34.95 $34.95
Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pack Sound Deadening
$799.95 $799.95
Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit Sound Deadening
$159.95 $159.95
Dynamat Xtreme Custom Pack Sound Deadening
$64.95 $64.95
Dynamat Xtreme Trunk Kit Sound Deadening
$249.95 $249.95
Dynamat Xtreme Speaker Kit Sound Deadening
$34.95 $34.95